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CARDAMOM (Elettaria Cardamomum – The Queen of Spices)

Cultivation of cardamom is mostly concentrated in the ever green forests of Western Ghats in South India. Besides India, cardamom is grown as a commercial crop in Guatemala and on small scale in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Honduras, and Papua & New Guinea. The optimum altitudinal range on growing cardamom is 600 to 1500 mtr above MsL. The cardamom growing regions of South India lies within 8 - 30 degree N latitudes and 75-78 degree longitudes.

This spice is commonly used in Indian cuisine, but it has also made its way into Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for mouth ulcers, digestive problems, and even depression. Some of the health benefits of this peppery, citrusy spice are now making their way into modern studies. It’s well worth adding cardamom to your food for the flavor alone, but these health benefits are also something to consider whenever you break out the spices.

Cardamom is related to ginger and can be used in much the same way to counteract digestive problems. Use it to combat nausea, acidity, bloating, gas, heartburn, and loss of appetite, constipation, and much more.

Cardamom is also helps to treat many deceases like Detoxify, Halitosis, Diuretic, Depression, Oral Health, Cold and Flu, Blood Pressure, Blood Clots, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory.

Hindi : Chhoti Elaichi, Bengali : Chhoti Elachi, Gujarati : Elaychi,  Kannada : Yelakki, Malayalam : Elkkaii, Marathi : Velchil, Oriya : Alaichi, Punjabi : Elaychi, Sanskrit : Ela, Tamil : Yelakkai or Elakkai, Telugu : Yealak-Kayulu or Elakkayi Urdu : Ilaychi

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